Crystals have fascinated me since I was a little girl; they kick started my journey into the spiritual, which lead understanding energy and learning how to heal not just myself but others. The biggest question I always get asked as a teacher is which crystals for beginners are the best choice. The crystals I picked came from several decisions; the ones I picked can be obtained even on the smallest income, they are ones that any crystal shop will have, and they all help set up your personal path going forward into the spiritual. Therefor, I put together this post to educate you on the best crystals for beginners.


Amethyst is a stone that is recommended for nearly every metaphysical malady (nightmares, visions, ghosts, etc.) this amazing stone has earned that reputation for a reason and does help with nearly everything under the sun. A chunk of this beautiful purple crystal should be in every Lightworker’s toolkit; it stimulates the mind and soul to work together, fostering natural healing gifts of its owner along with allowing for protection and purification as it helps release unhealthy patterns and anything keeping us back from our highest good.


This is another crystal that comes in a few different colors that each help with different things; over all though Calcite has a refreshing, cleansing energy that comes off the crystal in gentle waves. Opening blocks and allowing us to see situations with fresh eyes and new perspective on any situation that is present or in the past.


This fiery orange crystal is a great friend for those who need to shake up the energy in their lives. Carnelian stimulates the energy of the lower three chakras. Along with bringing about creativity, courage, and a call to action. Carnelian is a crystal of the doer; it’s always one to use when starting new projects and is one I always take one with me when doing any physical task (working out, yoga, yard work, etc.) since it also helps bring physical vitality to the body when it’s depleted of energy.


raw citrine

This yellow ray of sunshine is one of my favorite crystals! This crystal opens up the channels of abundance to come into the owner’s life. Therefor citrine is an excellent stone for sales people and for applying for things like jobs, loans, and schools. Another great stone for students and teachers, who are needing to absorb new information. Interestingly, this is one of the crystals you don’t have to cleanse. It will actually help clear other crystals when around them. This is an easy one to add to a list for crystals for beginners, because of its all encompassing properties.


Cleansing Fluorite comes in many colors, but overall it is a stone that helps remove toxins from the auric field and the physical body. Each of the different colors has its own energy, but Fluorite for the most part have a cool, almost cold and tingly energy that helps clear the mind of mental fog, aiding in decision making and problem solving. Those who suffer from anxiety or loud internal thoughts will benefit from the crystal since it helps bring order to our thoughts and calm to our energy.


Hematite is one of my favorite crystals, this metallic gray crystal has a dense, warm energy that helps with grounding the owner in the present; counteracting spaciness, confusion, and mental fatigue. I use it to help with my own ADD. It also helps clear the auric system of negative energy, while also aligning chakras and balancing the yin and yang of the body. Hematite also has protective and manifestation qualities. it’s multifaceted energy is one of the reasons I always suggest it.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a must have for any crystal collector and energy worker. This crystal comes in billions of shapes and forms. Each of them have certain properties that will let the crystal help with on your path. Over all, quartz is the most easily programmable, meaning you can dictate a job to it; love, getting money, or whatever help you need on your spiritual path. It also has cleansing and healing properties.

Rose Quartz

This pink quartz variety is another favorite of mine; and is always found in my living room and bedside table. Rose quartz is a crystal of pure love and joy. This crystal embodies all kinds of love; self-love, romantic, friendship, family, etc., and its energy is soothing to the aura and helps with all kinds of emotional and physical healing; it’s especially good for the heart. It’s anti-stress properties are great for those that suffer from anxiety.


Selenite is a fragile clear to white stone that is must have for any energy worker. They are powerful cleansers, purging negative energy from the auric field and the ambient energy around them. For those wanting to further their spiritual gifts or to get in touch with their personal spirit group (their guides, angels, and Higher Self), this is the perfect starter crystal to do just that. Selenite helps bridge the gap between us and the higher realms and energies. This along with the fact that it amplifies the energies of other crystals around them makes it wonderful to have in the energy tool box.

As a final thought, I cannot stress enough how important these stones are for beginners. Even by just choosing a few of these to start with will set you on the right path, and luckily these are some of the most readily available and cost-efficient crystals out there! Keep in mind though, which crystals for beginners are best comes down to trial and error

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