I have seen a variety of questions pop up in spiritual and crystal forums relating to how crystals can help with mental health; these include:

  • What healing crystals can I use to help with my OCD?

  • What healing crystals will help my friend that has extreme Bi-Polar disorder?

  • What healing crystals will can help with feeling depressed?

I have also been asked these in person and have a few answers. Now I can’t say that crystals alone will cure or completely manage any of these or so many more, but I can say that with the help of medical professionals, therapy, and other helpful healthy living practices they can help those that suffer with mental health issues to manage their symptoms and help them through the struggles that they face every day. This is an essential crystal support list based on all the crystals that I have found through my healing practice that have helped my clients manage their health and lives.

Helps with all areas of mental health:



This wonderful crystal comes in nearly every color under the sun and helps with nearly everything one can think of from emotional trauma to physical health issues. The ones I like best for mental health in particular are pink tourmaline (which is often found with deposits of Lithium in with them) and black tourmaline; these two are always a quick recommendation for those in the spiritual community. Though any kind of tourmaline, with its subtle energy is a great pick for anyone looking for a crystal to bring a little extra TLC into their life.

Rose Quartz

rose quartz


Anyone that knows about crystals, knows this bubbly pink crystal, that is renowned for its loving, gentle healing energy. It is all those things and is one I keep in my living room at all times. This crystal is one I recommend to everyone to have in their energetic tool box, because it is so versatile in all of the things it can help with. Rose Quartz gives us a direct energetic link to universal love and every form that love can take; romantic love, family love, friendship, and most of all personal love. This crystal helps us see ourselves with compassion and understanding, letting us see ourselves from an outside perspective gives us a start into the healing and balancing process.



Crystals with Lithium Silica in them like Lepidolite and Lithium Quartz, are good for any kind mental health issue. Lithium based compounds have been used to treat several different kinds of mental health disorders since 1949, this comes from the fact that Lithium has mood stabilizing properties. I personally love crystals that have lithium in them, I have found all crystals that have it as part of their makeup all help remove stress and other disharmonious energies from the physical body and from the auric field. Their unique energy means that it is a great crystal for those that need a steady stream of gentle supportive, calm, balancing energy.

Healing Crystals for anxiety:


This blue- green crystal is a favorite of mine, it’s cool and uplifting energy allows for communication to flow freely through ourselves and others. This energy lets us tap into our true emotions, thoughts and feelings about ourselves and with others; allowing for inner and outer peace to be expressed on the physical and energetic planes. Amazonite also encourages us to speak our personal truth about the way we feel and helps us talk about our life experiences in way that lets us ease any troubled thoughts that cross our mind.

Healing crystals for Depression:


raw citrine

Citrine comes in small variety of pale browns and tans and is always a crystal I recommend for people starting on their crystal journey. I personally love this crystal and its beautiful sunny energy is always helpful to have around the house or your person; Citrine is one of those crystals that helps with nearly everything that pops up in life. But I have found that it greatly helps those with depression, this come from how its energy effects that it has on the lower chakra, particularly the solar plex, but Citrine also effects the higher chakras. Clearing mental fog and taking with it unkind personal or other negative thoughts. This yellow crystal can be a little ray of bright, optimistic sunshine that you can keep in your pocket whenever you are needing a pick me up.

Healing Crystals for Bi-polar disorder:



Scapolite is an amazing crystal and it so often stuns me that so many people in the spiritual community have not only not worked with it but have never even heard of it, and its crying shame. When learned about Scapolite I fell in love with little white airy energy crystal, that not helps with more restful sleep, a release of pent up emotions, stress, and worries but also helped sooth physical pain, this lightly energized crystal is one I always recommend to those that struggle with the energetic heaviness that can come with just existing in a reality we are unsatisfied in. Meditating with Scapolite lifts this energy away, taking unwanted emotions and thoughts with it, along with pulling balanced calm energy in the personal energy field.

Healing Crystals for PTSD:

Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony is an excellent crystal for those either in therapy or for those that are a therapist themselves, this pale blue crystal allows for deep connection to the subconscious allowing us to go through fears, past events, and traumas from a place of complete safety and love. This lets us be able to talk about them in an open forum so that we can, go through our personal trauma in a therapeutic way which brings us to a point of catharsis. Letting us release these old wounds and pain so that we can live truly in the present without the energetic ties of the past holding us back.

By no means necessary is this complete list of all the crystals that can be used to help with mental health; I also tell my clients to do their own research and find what works best for them. There are countless crystal options that are open to you and adding crystals to a part of self-care, healing, and support system is a wonderful way to help reshape your reality and life.

Where you can find these crystals:


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