Anyone that has crystals, uses them, or does any metaphysical work in general most likely has heard of cleansing, which is the process of removing any negative energy or attachments from the personal aura, environment, or an object. Negative energy can be accumulated in many ways: everything from negative emotions, oppressive environments, to even just having cluttered or unused spaces around your home. Most crystals, though there are a handful that don’t, slowly gather negative and stale energy from the ambient energy around them. Which makes it so important when talking about how to cleanse your crystals.

A big question that often gets brought up in many online crystal forums is when crystals should be cleansed. This can be a hard question to answer for those that struggle with sensing energy. Therefor the answer I often give to those that have this trouble is to make a set schedule. Attempt to at least cleanse them once a month either at the beginning or at the end depending on personal preference. Though cleansing can be done as seldom or as often as one wants or feels is necessary for them. For those just learning, this is a great way to start a healthy energetic schedule that can help dispel negative energy from our lives.

That being said, there are many ways that cleansing can be done on crystalline friends and in this article. This guide will cover a detailed list of all the ways it can be done.

The Smoke & Air Method:

The use of air to help cleanse physical forms has been a tradition form many different cultures and traditions throughout time. This can be done using a smudge stick smoke (a small bundle of different herbs that is normally tied with thin string). Others method that work are incense stick smoke, and pieces of resin such as Frankincense or amber. Even just setting crystals outside on a nice day can help remove undesirable energy from them.

The Water Method:

Water is one of my personal favorite ways to cleanse and it can be done in several ways. A word of warning though: not all crystals can be around water without hurting them or even destroying them. Therefor it’s important to make sure you check the physical properties of your stones before using any of these methods on your collection. When cleansing you can make up a light solution of salt water to submerge them in, hold them under running water, or you can even use charged water (Such as moon water, storm water, or even crystal water that has been charged with the intent of cleansing.) I’ve even used the humidity of a nice hot shower or a humidifier to cleanse my crystals before.

The Earth Method:

Using the earth is a wonderful way to cleanse crystals, it also has the added value of re-balancing them. This method (also called grounding) is also great if you are wanting to reset any intentions or spell work you have used them for. Placing them back into the soil is sort of like setting a reset button on them. Grounding crystals is also good if you know your crystals have been exposed to very toxic energy. Generally speaking, my personal rule of thumb is to try to ground a handful of stones in my collection every few months.

Any of these methods can help to remove negative energy from our crystals. Keeping them cleared of negative energy and happy helps keep us and our surroundings be happy too. If you are curious about the best ways to clean your own crystals, I recommend trying out one of them and see what works best for you.


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