If you’ve been online or even in your local crystal shop lately you may have seen crystal elixir water bottles being shown all over the place. Many of you may be wondering if these really do help your energy, health and positively adjust your overall wellbeing? They do, and with the help of some science, I’ll explain how.

Water as we all know is a source that all living things need to live, water is also a power conductor and insulator for energy/vibrations that come from the energy around us. This means the better the energy in our environment is, the better our water becomes, much like everything else in our lives.

In 1994 Dr. Masaru Emoto gave us amazing insight into the effects that vibrations have on the world around us by slowly freezing and photographing forming ice crystals; as his research went on, the doctor and his team discovered that tap water made no visible formations as it froze, merely shapeless almost angry looking blobs. The ice made from lakes and rivers near large cities was the same. But when samples were taken from other water sources where the water is kept pristine they found that the ice made beautiful unique crystal formations as it formed. This discovery lead to experimenting with not only seeing the effects that positive words had on the water but also exposing it to music and even prayers. Once again, they watched beautiful ice crystals form as it changed from a liquid to a solid. This series of experiments gives us a small glimpse on how the energy/vibrations around us effects our environments.

With this is mind we get a deeper understanding of how energy can affect our minds, souls, and physical bodies. The benefits of crystal water come from the crystals internally affecting  the energy of the water; many in community who use crystal water describe it as feeling “lighter” and have described it as tasting cleaner then it was before adding the crystals. I find the crystal water I make at home makes the water taste better, after I drink it I feel I have more energy and I feel my energy centers clear of negative energy that I’ve built up through a long day. By using crystal water, it allows the energy of the crystals to properly saturate parts of our bodies that may be suffering from the ill effects of our surroundings and diets. I can’t say that it’s cure-all for all bodily issues but asking many people in the spiritual community will give you story after story about how crystal water has helped them to lead healthier lives.

Crystal water can be made in two different ways. As a direct method, which is done by actually putting your crystals into the water (I personally have a small piece of clear quartz that sits in the bottom of a large pitcher) and one can be done by indirect method , which is putting them outside the water or putting them in a sealed nonporous holding vessel (like a small sealed glass jar or other kind of container) that can fit inside of a pitcher of water. Both of these methods allow for the energy of the crystals to permeate the water.

Now, a safety rule! I can not stress this rule enough, know your crystals! Some crystals are dangerous to consume and toxic (be it from heavy metals that are present to even being radioactive), and you can get extremely sick or die from ingesting them or things that contain them. If you are ever unsure of what kind of a crystal you have or if it’s safe to use, do not take the chance with your health by making a direct elixir, be safe and make an indirect one. Another thing to always be mindful of is if the crystals you want to use will dissolve in water, soft stones, like selenite for example, will break up into tiny shards in water and therefore are also not suitable for crystal water even if they are not toxic in nature. Always be safe and thoughtful when making elixirs.

For me, personally, I use crystal water every day; anything that uses water (from soups, teas, to even when I steam things in the oven) can be made with it. This is because when I first heard about crystal water, I conducted my own experiments and noted the effects and differences that I saw not only in myself but in the way my food tasted and noticed that it wasn’t just me that picked up that something  was different. Family and friends that had no idea I had used the crystal water when making the meals asked what I had done different. I advise you to do your own research and try it out for yourselves!


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