The shape a crystal is carved into can play a huge part into the strength of a crystal, for example a piece of rose quartz that is carved into the shape of a heart will enhance the rose quartz’s natural energy since it helps heal the heart and bring in love. Shapes each have their own way of channeling energy, and this can greatly enhance the natural energetic qualities of a particular crystal. In this article I will go over a few common shapes and not only go over the way energy can move through them but where I personally like to use certain shapes.


An idol in this case can range from anything from an animal, angel, to even a deity. These shapes can help one not only connect with whatever the idol or energy it represents but are great to use during rituals or as personal totems.

Double terminated

Double terminated crystals can be found in nature and manufactured, most double terminated crystals are found in quartz, but many stones can end up with this characteristic, which means that it is a crystal that has a point at each end. This formation is favorite of mine in my healing practice since this formation helps tap into the chakra system and with the kundalini. This formation also helps with protection from mental and physical harm making it wonderful for people that have issues shielding their person energy from people or things around them.

Squares and rectangles

These shapes help bring an energetic current of stability to what area of your life your wanting to become more stable or reliable. Some crystals form naturally into these formations; such as Pyrite and Fluorite.


Hearts of course help in the healing of the heart chakra and sooth emotions. But are also great for areas of inspiration and creativity.

Palm Stones

Palm stones are normally oval or circular in shape, making them the perfect shape to rest in our hands, I have found that I like to use this shape for healing and dream work.

Towers and Pyramids

Towers and pyramids focus energy at their points and along their edges. I personally love having this particular shape in areas where there is a lot of mental work being done, since I have found they help relieve mental strain or aid in helping you keep focus.


Crystal spheres are an iconic symbol of hidden knowledge, third eye gifts and spirit connections. This shape is a favorite of mine for meditation spaces and for communal family spaces. Spheres are wonderful for those that want to connect to their higher self, their guides, and other positive spirits; for not only yourself but your family and those that come into your home.


Crystal wands are wonderful tools for any situation an energy worker could come across, everything for negative energy removal, personal healing to even doing ritual work. All wands have a male (normally the pointed end) and female end (the end you hold), the male end of the wand is meant to direct energy and the female end is take in energy from the wielder and from the environment around it.

This modest list is just a small sample of what is available as far as the countless shapes and forms that crystals can be fashioned into by a talented craftsman are concerned. I hope this list helps to give you a more complete view of how shapes affect our crystals and our personal magic.


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