Crystal picks for an Empowered December

December is a time of great introspection, when the earth sleeps and stores her energy for the coming spring. The list I made up here are stones that I find very useful when I want to connect with transformative, cocoon like energy that this season embodies.


This pink crystal is full of something that everyone should have during this time of year, unconditional love. A love for self, family, and man kind as a whole. Mediating with this stone during this time, connects us to the simple wishes of joy, love and peace; connecting to this energy allows for these energies to come into our lives. 


Selenite is a super helper that every energy should have in their energy toolbox, but many people can find this powerful crystal sometimes overwhelming and sometimes even painful to work with. This is because of selenite’s naturally high vibration, much like quartz, when it interacts with an energy body it begins to pull the energy body into a higher vibratory state, which can be jarring. This crystal is also helpful in connecting with the higher self, angelic realms, and with beings that reside in higher realms of existence.


Nuummit is one of the oldest minerals on Earth and is powerful crystal of personal magic, by empowering our individual magic we feed our personal self expression in this reality; helping us see our self-worth and our value to not only those around us but to our personal life mission. The other reason I like working with this unique crystal during this time is because of how well it works with music, this time of year is filled with it and I found using it with music helped when using it for healing sessions.


Amatrine is a mix of Citrine and Amethyst and it’s an amazing crystal that brings together male and female energy, brings one into alignment with our highest good and helps balance our energy bodies. I like having this one on hand because of what a mash up of energy this time of year brings for so many of us and being that it is a time of shifting energy with in ourselves.

Whatever crystals you are working with this winter season; remember to honor what feeds your personal energy and draw inner strength and reassurance that everything you need is already at your fingertips.


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