I’ve been asked this question many times, and answering this question is both very simple but at the same time very complex. This is because that polishing and shaping a crystal does not change the crystal’s inherent energy characteristics (i.e. a rose quartz, weather polished or natural in form will still bring you self-love and healing).

So why is it that we polish crystals other then for the sake of beauty if it doesn’t truly change the crystal? Well, it does change some things about them. Polishing mainly changes their appearance and how the crystal directs energy through your personal body and space. Now these things may not seem like much, but they actually can change a crystal quite a bit. For the sake of simplicity, I’m going to break down the two core differences between polished and raw stones.

Appearance: Raw vs Polished

Normally we polish and refine crystals to bring out not only color, but to enhance the clarity and luster as well as highlight inner structures that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. This refinement can aid in connecting crystals to different color spectrums. A large chunk of amethyst that has been cut and shaped may turn out to have reds (iron) and yellows (citrine) in its physical makeup as well, just below the surface. Bringing out these other colors connects the crystal with those particular energetic wavelengths, and also allows for more light to enter a crystal allowing for easier cleansing/energizing.

Energy focus of natural & polished points

Points whether formed in nature or by a craftsman all have one thing in common; lines. Polished crystals with points, like pyramids for example, normally have clearly defined lines that make it easier for energy to flow along them, undisturbed by the natural ridges and pockets that are found on their raw counterparts. This allows for energy to travel in and out of the crystal more freely than raw crystal points (which you can usually find as batches of citrine or quartz), which tend to focus their energy at the top and bottom points of the crystal.

Energy focus of natural & polished chunks

Tumbled or pocket crystals are small chunks of much larger crystals that have been polished and rounded, normally for the convenience of being able to carry them on us while we are out in the world. Small chunks of crystals project energy very closely to their physical shape, radiating a dense pocket of energy in normally a small circle around it. Larger raw chunks tend to radiate energy in a similar fashion, but affect a larger area like a space heater.

Now that we have covered more of the technical information, let’s go into what rough crystals and polished crystals are good for, individually. In my experience, I find that polished crystals have a lighter energy that moves around in clear directions, following the lines of the form that it was shaped into. This makes polished crystals great for focused energy work like rituals, cord cuttings, and anything requiring a refined and focused stream of energy. Raw crystals on the other hand, I have found are better for not only connecting us with the Earth’s energy but for grounding and connecting us more to our physical reality as well as meditation.

Overall though, a crystal – whether polished to a beautiful faceted shine or raw from the earth – will still retain all of the trans-formative energy that all crystals have, the only thing that changes is how you might use them.

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