February is a month that is full of transitions and purification – which is where is the month actually gets its name from. This month is not only one that begins to move us out of the cold of winter and revitalizes us with the promise that the warm glow of spring is on its way. This month is the time to really focus on the things that are no longer working for us and to release energies that are holding us back. In this article I’m going to cover some of the crystals that can best help you utilize the ambient energy of this this transitional month is packed full of.

Green Fluorite

This seafoam green crystal helps to bring order not only to our thoughts, it helps to relieve stress, along with also helping to remove toxic energy and patterns from every level of our being. Fluorite come in several different colors, which all connect to different chakras and energies within our bodies. Green fluorite in particular helps to heal the heart chakra, acting as a kind of purifying salve for the heartache of the past and as restorative to ease the strain of negative energy that we can pick up as we navigate daily life as a whole. This shedding of energy gives us a better view of not only the positive energy we have around us but also giving us a clearer picture of the things that hurt us so that we can truly thrive no matter where we are in our lives.


This crystal is one I turn to when I really want to thorough examination of not only the material world but of my position and relationship within it and the connections that I have with others. If dissatisfied in any part of our reality, meditating with this crystal on these matters helps to better connect us with the actions and knowledge that
we need in order to improve our lives on every level. If you have found yourself struggling with personal productivity to complete any new years resolutions, this is the crystal I highly recommend to start working with since it brings in energy to help keep those wonderful goals not only in sight but helps pull us up when we start to feel a lack of motivation or just need assistance in starting a new routine.


This beautiful blue crystal is one my favorites and its soothing, cool energy is one that helps to cleanse any negative emotions that we are struggling to let go of. It especially helps with processing anger (be it towards ourselves, people who have hurt us, or anger that has been passed down through us). This powerful emotion often has deep roots that effect everything we do and can squarely stand in the way of us living a full and happy life. Aquamarine helps to bring a calm thoughtfulness to the situations that stir up anger within us, allowing us to not only come back to a better state of mind but letting us break down what is really making us upset so that we can better heal that part of ourselves.


Loadstone is a powerful little stone comprised of unprocessed magnetite which is naturally magnetic and is often sold in a set with one being male and one being female, though even having just one of these little crystals will help balance and reenergize the male and female energies in our bodies regardless if you have two or not. For those who struggle believing in own abilities, talents, or just feel a lack of positive movement in their lives this crystal bring relief in the form of instilling courage within ourselves.

Using even one of these crystals can help you focus and transform the energy around us during this power month, allowing you to shed traumas and old patterns that have held back all the potential you have within. Own your personal power by cleansing and healing yourself and embrace the new energy it brings into your life.

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