March is the season when we first start to feel the steady beating of spring around us, the building of sunlight and warm make the energy literally vibrate around us. This is the month of fertility, motivation, and the start of new things. In this article will go over my favorite stones to best utilize this energy packed month so that you can fill your spring with all the things you want to see manifest in your life!

Fire agate: Fire agate is a crystal deeply connected to the energy of March through it’s energetic ties to the fiery energy of Mars where the month gets its name from, along with the actual “fire” or luster that many of these stones have. This crystal helps us stoke the inner flames of our souls, driving the passions that lead us down our spiritual path so that we can truly flourish in light of inspiration and enlightenment. Fire agate can also serve to help us navigate through the dark areas of not only our personal journey but to protect us from the negative people and energy in our surroundings. This energy helps keep personal vitality geared towards progression, joy, and a zest for life.

Green aventurine: Aventurine comes in several colors but this soothing green crystal is a favorite in my house, with it being a crystal of opportunity and luck as well as being excellent for releasing worry or anger. This crystal also helps bring a much needed dash of humor for the cold days that appear during this month. This, coupled with the energy that fuels creativity and motivation can open one up to a whole world of possibilities even while stuck indoors. Green aventurine also helps in ridding us of old patterns and habits, cutting them away so that new growth can take their place. This allows for deep change on a personal level as move into the bustling energy of spring.

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Carnelian: This vibrate orange crystal really is the stone of March in my opinion, with its bold colors and strong, direct energy that helps to heat personal drive for not only life itself but for wanting to see things around you change. Carnelian is a kind of support system in any kind of work the user does, providing needed endurance to see projects through to the end, courage for when doubt or sadness begin to loom, and even just the added spark of desire to see your dreams flourishing around you. As if all of that wasn’t enough, this crystal helps in the balance male and female energies and aids in protection as well.

Clear calcite: Calcite comes in several colors but for this article we’re going to talk about one of my favorites – clear calcite, sometimes called Iceland spar or optical calcite. This is the crystal that helps the user to trust in their own abilities and to believe in their own personal power to create change in the world around them, even when setbacks occur in their lives. Clear calcite is also a crystal that assists in turning dreams and ideas into actions, bringing clarity, focus, and even knowledge on how to best use the energy around you. This crystal is also one I recommend for anyone who can quickly become over stimulated by energy since it helps to channel unused energy and redirect it to places where it can be used properly.

During this March, remember that the energy you plant now will grow and flourish as move into the full vibrance of spring. These crystals and many others can help you harness your inner power so that you can grow the world that want to live in around you. The magic is all there inside you, just waiting to get out!


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