April is the wonderful month where the energy of spring is everywhere we look. Nature bursts at the seams with new life and the everyone seems to be bustling with energy. Communication, creation, and the energy of the home; this is month to feed our surroundings and ourselves with comfortable, nurturing energy that brings wonder and joy into our lives. The crystals I have chosen for connecting with vibrant month are listed below!


Celestite is a pale blue crystal that helps us to not only understand what can be accomplished with the resources that we have at any given time, but focuses rationality and understanding complex situations and ideas. This crystal’s light, yet powerful energy assists in helping the user be able to better express themselves as well as brings enlightenment on a person’s personal soul story and their individual spiritual path. Working with celestite brings deeper understanding to our dreams, energetic communication, connecting with the higher energetic realms, along with connecting music with healing.


Personal power, freedom, strength and leadership are all words that describe the energy of this power crystal. For those that suffer from fear, self-doubt, or disturbing thoughts that are from trauma (especially childhood trauma), they can find relief in this crystal which drives off these energies and brings in warmth and healing. I often describe the energy of this crystal as a relaxing day on the back porch to my clients with the convenience of fitting in your pocket. Sunstone allows for those that are having a rough time to relax and allow them to connect with the rich energy of life that is going on all around us. This physical and mental rejuvenation brings in new thoughts and way to expand our inner knowledge of what is truly the right thing to do.

Herkimer diamond

Though not actual diamond, Herkimer diamonds are a beautiful form of quartz that has unique qualities in addition to normal quartz’s versatile energy. The energy of this crystal brings in a balanced harmony of energy to user, allowing one to see how their personal energy is not only unique in all the universe but to let them appreciate how they can express their own particular energy. This allows for powerful self-actualization, paving the way for a new view not only at the self but at the universe as a whole. If you’re looking for a crystal to help you get a new perspective on the world around you, this the crystal I recommend. If all of this wasn’t reason enough to work with Herkimer diamonds, then the added energy of assisting with personal psychic ability development, attuning the mind and body to work in harmony, and helping to better accept healing surely is an excellent reason to work with this lovely quartz.


This lovely teal, green crystal is one of my favorite communication crystals since it stimulates the throat chakra, assists with making a person feel at ease when expressing themselves as well providing connection on how to verbalize our own deep wisdom. Chrysocolla is a wonderful crystal for those in any kind of speaking field or teaching position. Working with its energy while speaking allows for the user to communicate the information more accurately and for those listening to better comprehend what is being said. This allows for a better flow of information, ideas and knowledge to be passed from one party to another. The passing of information doesn’t only apply to physical knowledge but also to that of spiritual knowledge which can be used to heal the Earth as well as ourselves and those around us.

As spring takes off into a whirlwind of new things, join in on the fun! Dance, play, and create with all the energy you have in your being! Be bold with every energetic stroke as you let your personal expression shine in everything you do!

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