This flower and sun filled month is ruled by the elements of earth and air. This creates a powerful circulation of energy that moves through all living things, producing new ideas and connecting us with powerful healing energy of mother earth. Abundance fills the air and sprouts out as new fortunes and luck everywhere we look! The excitement of it all fills us with a nearly infectious joy as we connect with those we hold dear. During this moment though, for some of us, the question may be pondered: Are we living the life that is best for us? Or are there areas where we want to improve or change? For those asking that question or for those who just want to connect more with this bright, energy filled month, these crystals are just what you’re looking for!


Rose Quartz:








This beautiful pink variety of quartz is one that is often found in every energy worker’s tool box, and for good reason. Rose quartz’s gently, bubbly energy is soothing not only to the body but to soul, as it bestows the user with a feeling of unconditional love and pure child-like joy. Rose quartz connects us with every form of love and allows for deep healing to take place where trauma dwells so that we can more readily accept these different forms of love. Working with this stone is always a wonderful experience that sooths any pain within the body while also assisting as a healing salve for mind and soul.





This wonderful green stone is one of my personal favourites to work with; not only for luck and connecting with abundance but also for its deep yet somewhat fizzy energy. If you ever feel life seeming to way you down, working with one of these lovely crystals is just the energetic pick me up you’re looking for. Emerald connects the heart with the mind, allowing for them to work in harmony so that we can move our deepest desires into the physical world. This allows us to better connect with our true purpose here on this plane and allowing for us to truly revel in personal skills and gifts.


Rainbow Moonstone:



This nearly luminescent crystal shines with nearly every colour under the sun, and honestly, who couldn’t help but smile when see all those dazzling hues shining back at you. This crystal’s energy is one that places us in the joyous moment of the here and now, allowing us marvel at the unique events that had to accumulate in order to get to that particular place in time and to form the individual that is working with it. This exploration allows for a deeper understanding of self along with bringing a sense of joy at understanding about how the future can be from that moment forward. This crystal also connects the user with the sacred feminine and balances the female energy in our personal energy fields, along with assisting in dream recall, psychic gifts and aura cleansing.




raw ruby


This deep red crystal is one of synchronicity, meaning this crystal can assist in you accumulating the things you need to further your goals; mainly in way of you being in the right place at the right time. It will also guide you to the right people to help make them happen as well as feed your personal passions as you make your journey. Ruby also helps to release pent up anger or frustration about matters of the heart or about personal insecurity. This crystal bolsters the inner fire of our souls so that we know that no matter what is happening around us, we know we will survive and thrive.

The energy of each of these crystals encourages our personal vibrations to move into a state not only abundance but of one of health and overflowing vitality. Take the time during this month to take one of these crystals outside, sit in the grass with a refreshing beverage and soak up the high vibrations that are all around you!

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Have a happy May, everyone!


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