June is a month of love, harmony, the gift of communication and being embraced by deep emotions. Ruled by the astrological signs Gemini and Cancer, this a month of not just doing and action, but of feeling. So this month, don’t be surprised if you feel the pull of a deep heart connection, the urge to spend the night dancing or just to indulge in something very special! To help navigate the energy currents of this celebratory time we have crystals that will connect your heart and your head!

Pink Opal:

Though this opal may not have the colorful flash of its other brethren, this beautiful multicolored crystal is one that not only connects us with our emotions (all opals intensify emotions, good and not so good) and while this might not always be the most enjoyable, it does bring in deep insight into what feeds our soul, where healing can be done and most of all enriching the good times all the more. This pink crystal also connects us with a rush of creativity, childlike freedom and wonder as well with a bringing healing to the heart, crown and third eye.


This speckled blue and white crystal is one that energizes all of the upper chakra points, along with bringing a very grounded energy to the user. This mix stimulates one to spread ideas and thoughts through every media available. Driving away any feelings of worry and replacing it with a drive to want to connect, communicate and interact with the world around us! This crystal is excellent for any creative person; helping them work through creative blocks, burn out, and just the ability to better talk about and express their passions.


Kunzite is a beautiful pink to pale purple crystal, though it does come in colorless and green varieties that go by a different name. Is one that you really want to have in your energetic toolbox during this month since it connects us with the pure vibration of love, joy and curiosity. This deep connection allows for the user to truly embrace their personal experience and all of the emotions that have come with it. Kunzite also helps to channel away excess energy, assisting with everything from nervousness, being stressed out to even overactive kiddos. This crystal also clears away negative vibration and provides healing towards dealing with body issues. (Be it hormone changes, body dysmorphia, or even just disliking the outside shell.) Kunzite brings deep inner healing to all of these areas.

Green Moonstone:

Often sold under the name Garnirite, this beautiful variety of moonstone comes in a swirling mass of pale green and grays. With the same cool, healing energy of its sister varieties green moonstone has deep connection with not only the moon but also with the earth. This vibration allows for the user to bring in the grounding energy of mother earth when exploring the deep well of hidden self-knowledge that the moon offers. This crystal also allows for the heart chakra to connect with the earth and everyone on it.

Each of these crystals allows for the user to connect on not only a physical level but also on mental and emotional levels too. This connection brings not only understanding but also deep healing on the fundamental levels of being unique beings that get to share a world together. So, for this June, get out there and start forming connections! Talk to old friends and new ones, spread love and knowledge, rejoice in your personal expression of life and most of all – connect with yourself.


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