October is a month full of wonderful energy- fall is suddenly felt in the very air around you and everyone is planning for celebrations. Traditions, myths, and a kind of strange magic seem to seep into everything around this time of year. October is not only a chance to look into the future but also into the past! There is no better month to connect with guides and of the spirits of those that have come before us. If you’ve been looking to make changes in your life, there is no better time to do it! The crystals of this month will help you to make those changes.

Red Jasper: This member of the quartz family comes in several colorful varties that come from all over the world. For this month, I chose the stamina enhancing Red Jasper. This vibrant crystal stimulates the root chakra and connects us more with the planet Earth- providing grounding energy and interconnection between the user and all life on our planet. This crystal is also one of dreams, helping us to not only recall them but to connect with symbolism within them and can be used in learning the skill of lucid dreaming!

White Opal (precious): These stunning crystals contain the the beautiful luster that opals are famous for- often a milky white crystal with flashes of bright color inside. Opals contain intense energy that connects the user with the energies of water and earth. Bridging them so that great understanding can be made with logical thought and powerful emotions. This allows for those that are needing to heal traumas in their life to work through their emotions from a place of understanding and free of judgement.

Charoite: This swirling mix of purples has quickly become a favorite to work with when it comes to healing and the purging of negative energy, patterns, and disharmonic energies from the phsyical and energy bodies. This crystal allows for us to not only better direct these energies within ourselves but also allows for us to transform these patterns through unconditional love and insights into our deeper spiritual mission here on Earth.

Smokey Quartz: This variety of quartz is not only a huge favorite in my home but is well loved for its gentle and protective energies by the whole crystal community. But this crystal has so much more to offer! This dark quartz is an excellent crystal for balance and focus as well as with helping to clear the air of negative energy. If all of this wasn’t enough, smokey quartz’s energy allows for the user to connect more easily with other energetic beings be it spirits, guides, or star seed beings.

Each of these crystals allows for you to connect with the various forms of energy that are swirling around us during this month. Whether you are planning big celebrations or just comfy nights at hone this October, remember that this month is full of magic just waiting for you to connect with! Have a happy and safe October, everyone! And don’t forget to check out all our beautiful crystals in the shop for all your crystal needs!


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