November is a month of transition and changes – autumn shifts to winter, animals migrate, fallen leaves and snow cover the landscape as cool winds blow about. In older times November was a month of reflection and contemplation – a time to look over our lives before the uncertainty of winter took hold – but now that survival isn’t as questionable, November is still a time reflection but also a time of rest. To relax the mind and body, along with our fears.

Black Agate: Agate comes in as many colors as one could dream of with a balancing energy that soothes dysfunctional energy so that it can be transformed to assist the user. Black agate in particular helps in the transformation of fears, anxiety, and our concerns for the future. This crystal’s gentle energy offers support through these thoughts – giving us insights into fears, guiding us to the root of their being and how we can heal from them.

K2: This speckled crystal is made up of azurite, biotite, and white granite. This mix of different crystals all rolled into a lovely spotted package is a favorite in out household. With a strong, deep energy that assists it’s user in understanding their soul mission here on Earth and reveals the road map it’s user needs in order to embrace that mission, along with all the things that are necessary in order to manifest it.

Howlite: This white and gray crystal with its light, cool energy is always one of my top picks when it comes to working with children. Howlite encourages communication, along with helping us to exspress our emotions and creating a space both with in and around the user of patience. This allows for us to let go of crticalness and frustration when it comes to dealing with trying situations. Howlite is also a crystal of observation and knowledge, allowing it’s user to be able to absorb information not only better but also how to use it in critical thinking when it comes to problem solving.

Malachite: This spectacular green crystal is nearly always a top pick as a favorite crystal for many of those in spiritual and crystal healing communities, for good reason! Malachite’s energy is deeply transformative when it comes to release ing negative energy from our energy fields, healing from abuse (espcially abuse from family members and romantic partners) along with helping the user to set boundries so that the cycle of abuse can be stopped. This crystal also assists in connecting the user more to their personal gifts and talents – both spiritual and otherwise. During this month we are reminded of the grand cycles of nature: life, death and between it the ever changing world around us.

As we go forward into November, take note of how your life has changed over the course of this year. Whether things panned out just as you envisioned or if you are far from where you thought you’d be, take pride in your journey thus far and rest.


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