The start of a new year is always filled with all kinds of different energies: anticipation, transformation, unease, sadness, and everything in-between. The year 2020 is a year that many have been excitedly awaiting due to its connection in angelic numerology being a year full of spiritual development, the ending of cycles, and unlocking the hidden potential of not just an individual but as a complete society. The crystals I’ve chosen to usher in this new energy are meant to help the user remove energy blocks, allow the healing of trauma, and transform energy.

Emerald: These beautiful green crystals have been associated with luck, money, and abundance since ancient times along with being a crystal that holds great sacred knowledge. With it’s gentle energy that not only sooth our emotions but helps us to understand how they can affect parts of our lives and our relationships. It allows us to bring harmony where once chaos dwelled. For those wanting to connect with their psychic gifts – particularly clairvoyance and prophetic dream work – this crystal is a perfect place to start.

Dendritic Agate: This normally milky white to translucent agate gets its name from the branch like formations that it holds inside called dendrites. This particular agate allows for the user to embrace life more fully and assists in helping one enjoy every moment that life has to offer, while also helping support the user through times of turmoil and stress. This energy lets us stay more centered within ourselves when these dis-harmonic energies creep into our lives. This light and calming variety of agate is a perfect match for those interested in wanting to improve their memory, healing childhood trauma, or wanting to work on their personal healing gifts.

Lepidolite: This purple and silver-flecked crystal is a personal favorite in this house, especially since it assists in bringing relief for headaches. This calming crystal contains the mineral lithium – the main ingredient of many mood balancing medications meant to help those that suffer with depression and anxiety. Lepidolite assists in reducing stress and brings relief to all parts of our physical body as well as our energy body! This crystal is a must have for the energetic toolbox, especially as we go into this new year. Lepidolite is also highly useful for those wanting to connect more with their higher selves and other higher vibration beings.

Tanzine Aura Quartz: This shiny blue quartz is made from permanently bonding gold, indium, niobium vapors, and other trace minerals to it. This changed quartz is an excellent crystal to help channel psychic energy into all parts of our life, letting us connect more with the everyday joys. It’s assists in intuitive work and into developing your personal talents; no matter what they are. This crystal can also be used to communicate more with our personal spirit guides and higher self, along with making their user more aware of the other worlds around them.

These four crystals each help to bring a different kind of assistance to this coming year! I hope your holidays are merry and bright! And wishing everyone a happy new year.


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