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Crystals For June

June is a month of love, harmony, the gift of communication and being embraced by deep emotions. Ruled by the astrological signs Gemini and Cancer, this a month of not just doing and action, but of feeling. So this month, don't be surprised if you feel the pull of a...

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Crystals for a Thriving May

This flower and sun filled month is ruled by the elements of earth and air. This creates a powerful circulation of energy that moves through all living things, producing new ideas and connecting us with powerful healing energy of mother earth. Abundance fills the air...

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Rare crystals: Part 1

There are super rare crystals such as Painite, which lands itself in the Guinness Book of World Record for being the rarest mineral. The definition of rare can be debated with crystals, in this article we will discuss some of the more known rare crystals from around...

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Healing Crystals for April

April is the wonderful month where the energy of spring is everywhere we look. Nature bursts at the seams with new life and the everyone seems to be bustling with energy. Communication, creation, and the energy of the home; this is month to feed our surroundings and...

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Crystals for March

March is the season when we first start to feel the steady beating of spring around us, the building of sunlight and warm make the energy literally vibrate around us. This is the month of fertility, motivation, and the start of new things. In this article will go over...

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Crystals for February

February is a month that is full of transitions and purification - which is where is the month actually gets its name from. This month is not only one that begins to move us out of the cold of winter and revitalizes us with the promise that the warm glow of spring is...

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Healing Crystals: Raw vs Polished

I’ve been asked this question many times, and answering this question is both very simple but at the same time very complex. This is because that polishing and shaping a crystal does not change the crystal’s inherent energy characteristics (i.e. a rose quartz, weather...

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Crystals for December

Crystal picks for an Empowered December December is a time of great introspection, when the earth sleeps and stores her energy for the coming spring. The list I made up here are stones that I find very useful when I want to connect with transformative, cocoon like...

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Shapes and Crystals: What make crystals unique

The shape a crystal is carved into can play a huge part into the strength of a crystal, for example a piece of rose quartz that is carved into the shape of a heart will enhance the rose quartz’s natural energy since it helps heal the heart and bring in love. Shapes...

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What is Crystal Elixir Water?

If you’ve been online or even in your local crystal shop lately you may have seen crystal elixir water bottles being shown all over the place. Many of you may be wondering if these really do help your energy, health and positively adjust your overall wellbeing? They...

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