October: Spirits, Crystals and Shifts OH! MY!

October is a month full of wonderful energy- fall is suddenly felt in the very air around you and everyone is planning for celebrations. Traditions, myths, and a kind of strange magic seem to seep into everything around this time of year. October is not only a chance to look into the future but also into the past! There is no better month to connect with guides and of the spirits of those that have come before us. If you’ve been looking to make changes in your life, there is no better time to do it! The crystals of this month will help you to make those changes.

Red Jasper: This member of the quartz family comes in several colorful varties that come from all over the world. For this month, I chose the stamina enhancing Red Jasper. This vibrant crystal stimulates the root chakra and connects us more with the planet Earth- providing grounding energy and interconnection between the user and all life on our planet. This crystal is also one of dreams, helping us to not only recall them but to connect with symbolism within them and can be used in learning the skill of lucid dreaming!

White Opal (precious): These stunning crystals contain the the beautiful luster that opals are famous for- often a milky white crystal with flashes of bright color inside. Opals contain intense energy that connects the user with the energies of water and earth. Bridging them so that great understanding can be made with logical thought and powerful emotions. This allows for those that are needing to heal traumas in their life to work through their emotions from a place of understanding and free of judgement.

Charoite: This swirling mix of purples has quickly become a favorite to work with when it comes to healing and the purging of negative energy, patterns, and disharmonic energies from the phsyical and energy bodies. This crystal allows for us to not only better direct these energies within ourselves but also allows for us to transform these patterns through unconditional love and insights into our deeper spiritual mission here on Earth.

Smokey Quartz: This variety of quartz is not only a huge favorite in my home but is well loved for its gentle and protective energies by the whole crystal community. But this crystal has so much more to offer! This dark quartz is an excellent crystal for balance and focus as well as with helping to clear the air of negative energy. If all of this wasn’t enough, smokey quartz’s energy allows for the user to connect more easily with other energetic beings be it spirits, guides, or star seed beings.

Each of these crystals allows for you to connect with the various forms of energy that are swirling around us during this month. Whether you are planning big celebrations or just comfy nights at hone this October, remember that this month is full of magic just waiting for you to connect with! Have a happy and safe October, everyone! And don’t forget to check out all our beautiful crystals in the shop for all your crystal needs!

September and the Soul Path

This September is all about sorting out how to get to where we want to be – weather that means getting a new job, constructing new mindsets, or just needing to check in with your personal energy! This month fuels us to connect with our soul’s mission while here on earth and to help ground our pathway to happiness in the here and now! With all that said, let’s get into some crystals!

Gold Sheen Obsidian: This beautiful variety of obsidian has a chatoyance sheen that makes a gold color play across the surface of the crystal. While all obsidian have powerful healing, protection, and cord cutting attributes, this particular obsidian is my top pick for energy workers to have in their tool box. It is energy-driven towards self-healing, understanding patterns of actions and the Ego, and brings insights into what energy we need in our lives. This crystal also allows for the user to not only connect more with the energy of the Earth but also helps in sending out healing energy to it.

Ulexite: This unique, sometimes semitransparent crystal also goes by the name of T.V stone. This energy enhances imagination, creativity, and helps with problem solving. For those looking into expanding their psychic gifts, wanting to explore other realities, or wanting to do more with dream work, this is a crystal to look into! Ulexite is a crystal that I recommend for anyone who is at a crossroads or who is needing extra help making decisions for their life.

Blue Sapphire: Sapphire is a member of the corundum family that comes in many colors. Everything for green, to red, to even white, the one we’re going to focus on in this article is the traditional blue sapphire. This crystal helps in ridding one of unwanted or interrupting thoughts, fulfilling dreams and wishes, as well as connecting us to our psychic abilities. Blue sapphire also assists in removing disordered energy from our lives, promotes dreaming, and can be used to communicate with ancient civilizations.

Rainbow Fluorite: This multicolored crystal is not only beautiful but is a multi-use crystal that should be found in any energy worker’s toolbox. This variety of fluorite includes all of the many colors that it comes in wrapped up into one stone. This allows for the user to connect with the various color vibrations of each one but also to the combined energy of them altogether. Rainbow fluorite is not only used as a protection and energy transformation crystal but is also used as a spiritual clarification crystal as well, allowing the user to get a better understanding of the messages that are being received during meditation and other energy work.

Each of these crystals helps in harnessing the energy all around you; whether just starting on your spiritual journey or retreading the path as an advanced healer that is looking to deepen your connection with Source! As September’s energy blooms around you make sure to keep yourself in tune with not only your physical body but with your inner self. They will tell you what needs to be done during this time. Happy September everyone!

Crystals For June

Crystals For June

June is a month of love, harmony, the gift of communication and being embraced by deep emotions. Ruled by the astrological signs Gemini and Cancer, this a month of not just doing and action, but of feeling. So this month, don’t be surprised if you feel the pull of a deep heart connection, the urge to spend the night dancing or just to indulge in something very special! To help navigate the energy currents of this celebratory time we have crystals that will connect your heart and your head!

Pink Opal:

Though this opal may not have the colorful flash of its other brethren, this beautiful multicolored crystal is one that not only connects us with our emotions (all opals intensify emotions, good and not so good) and while this might not always be the most enjoyable, it does bring in deep insight into what feeds our soul, where healing can be done and most of all enriching the good times all the more. This pink crystal also connects us with a rush of creativity, childlike freedom and wonder as well with a bringing healing to the heart, crown and third eye.


This speckled blue and white crystal is one that energizes all of the upper chakra points, along with bringing a very grounded energy to the user. This mix stimulates one to spread ideas and thoughts through every media available. Driving away any feelings of worry and replacing it with a drive to want to connect, communicate and interact with the world around us! This crystal is excellent for any creative person; helping them work through creative blocks, burn out, and just the ability to better talk about and express their passions.


Kunzite is a beautiful pink to pale purple crystal, though it does come in colorless and green varieties that go by a different name. Is one that you really want to have in your energetic toolbox during this month since it connects us with the pure vibration of love, joy and curiosity. This deep connection allows for the user to truly embrace their personal experience and all of the emotions that have come with it. Kunzite also helps to channel away excess energy, assisting with everything from nervousness, being stressed out to even overactive kiddos. This crystal also clears away negative vibration and provides healing towards dealing with body issues. (Be it hormone changes, body dysmorphia, or even just disliking the outside shell.) Kunzite brings deep inner healing to all of these areas.

Green Moonstone:

Often sold under the name Garnirite, this beautiful variety of moonstone comes in a swirling mass of pale green and grays. With the same cool, healing energy of its sister varieties green moonstone has deep connection with not only the moon but also with the earth. This vibration allows for the user to bring in the grounding energy of mother earth when exploring the deep well of hidden self-knowledge that the moon offers. This crystal also allows for the heart chakra to connect with the earth and everyone on it.

Each of these crystals allows for the user to connect on not only a physical level but also on mental and emotional levels too. This connection brings not only understanding but also deep healing on the fundamental levels of being unique beings that get to share a world together. So, for this June, get out there and start forming connections! Talk to old friends and new ones, spread love and knowledge, rejoice in your personal expression of life and most of all – connect with yourself.

Crystals for a Thriving May

Crystals for a Thriving May

This flower and sun filled month is ruled by the elements of earth and air. This creates a powerful circulation of energy that moves through all living things, producing new ideas and connecting us with powerful healing energy of mother earth. Abundance fills the air and sprouts out as new fortunes and luck everywhere we look! The excitement of it all fills us with a nearly infectious joy as we connect with those we hold dear. During this moment though, for some of us, the question may be pondered: Are we living the life that is best for us? Or are there areas where we want to improve or change? For those asking that question or for those who just want to connect more with this bright, energy filled month, these crystals are just what you’re looking for!


Rose Quartz:








This beautiful pink variety of quartz is one that is often found in every energy worker’s tool box, and for good reason. Rose quartz’s gently, bubbly energy is soothing not only to the body but to soul, as it bestows the user with a feeling of unconditional love and pure child-like joy. Rose quartz connects us with every form of love and allows for deep healing to take place where trauma dwells so that we can more readily accept these different forms of love. Working with this stone is always a wonderful experience that sooths any pain within the body while also assisting as a healing salve for mind and soul.





This wonderful green stone is one of my personal favourites to work with; not only for luck and connecting with abundance but also for its deep yet somewhat fizzy energy. If you ever feel life seeming to way you down, working with one of these lovely crystals is just the energetic pick me up you’re looking for. Emerald connects the heart with the mind, allowing for them to work in harmony so that we can move our deepest desires into the physical world. This allows us to better connect with our true purpose here on this plane and allowing for us to truly revel in personal skills and gifts.


Rainbow Moonstone:



This nearly luminescent crystal shines with nearly every colour under the sun, and honestly, who couldn’t help but smile when see all those dazzling hues shining back at you. This crystal’s energy is one that places us in the joyous moment of the here and now, allowing us marvel at the unique events that had to accumulate in order to get to that particular place in time and to form the individual that is working with it. This exploration allows for a deeper understanding of self along with bringing a sense of joy at understanding about how the future can be from that moment forward. This crystal also connects the user with the sacred feminine and balances the female energy in our personal energy fields, along with assisting in dream recall, psychic gifts and aura cleansing.




raw ruby


This deep red crystal is one of synchronicity, meaning this crystal can assist in you accumulating the things you need to further your goals; mainly in way of you being in the right place at the right time. It will also guide you to the right people to help make them happen as well as feed your personal passions as you make your journey. Ruby also helps to release pent up anger or frustration about matters of the heart or about personal insecurity. This crystal bolsters the inner fire of our souls so that we know that no matter what is happening around us, we know we will survive and thrive.

The energy of each of these crystals encourages our personal vibrations to move into a state not only abundance but of one of health and overflowing vitality. Take the time during this month to take one of these crystals outside, sit in the grass with a refreshing beverage and soak up the high vibrations that are all around you!

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Have a happy May, everyone!

Rare crystals: Part 1

Rare crystals: Part 1

There are super rare crystals such as Painite, which lands itself in the Guinness Book of World Record for being the rarest mineral. The definition of rare can be debated with crystals, in this article we will discuss some of the more known rare crystals from around the world. This will be a multiple part series with different rare minerals and crystals discussed.

Then you have minerals such as Thunder bay Amethyst, which is rare due to the fact it can only be found in Thunder bay, Ontario. The same goes with larimar, a crystal which has only been found in one location. All larimar comes from the mountainous province of Barahona in the Dominican Republic.

All crystals can be considered rare as each is unique. Though there are some unique features that really stand out in certain formations. Such as insects being trapped inside of amber from millions of years ago. These sort of crystals are fun to collect because you know you’re in possession of something that presents natures creation with and an unfathomable history of time on this earth.

In most instances, because of demand, the more expensive a crystal is the more likely it is to be rare. Not in all cases though, always be careful when buying a crystal that a vendor claims to be unique for a specific reason. Also be weary of crystals that are known to be rare, which are being sold at suspiciously low prices. There are many fake crystals out there. These can be made in many different ways, such as painting glass or other crystals in the same patterns as an expensive crystal. If at a gem show, take advantage of the microscope table where you can usually pay a small fee to have your crystal accurately identified.

According to miningglobal.com, the following are the top 10 rarest crystals in the world

  1. Painite.
  2. Alexandrite
  3. Taaffeite.
  4. Jadeite.
  5. Red Beryl
  6. Black Opal
  7. Grandidierite
  8. Benitoite.
  9. Tanzanite
  10. Poudretteite

This is the end of part 1 of “Exploring rare crystals”. In part two we will look deeper into theories on why certain crystals are native to certain areas, and the price of rare crystals. Please subscribe to our newsletter to be alerted on articles monthly. We also throw in coupons and sometimes announce giveaways & freebies!

Which rare crystal interests you the most? Please share a comment below!

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Healing Crystals for April

Healing Crystals for April

April is the wonderful month where the energy of spring is everywhere we look. Nature bursts at the seams with new life and the everyone seems to be bustling with energy. Communication, creation, and the energy of the home; this is month to feed our surroundings and ourselves with comfortable, nurturing energy that brings wonder and joy into our lives. The crystals I have chosen for connecting with vibrant month are listed below!


Celestite is a pale blue crystal that helps us to not only understand what can be accomplished with the resources that we have at any given time, but focuses rationality and understanding complex situations and ideas. This crystal’s light, yet powerful energy assists in helping the user be able to better express themselves as well as brings enlightenment on a person’s personal soul story and their individual spiritual path. Working with celestite brings deeper understanding to our dreams, energetic communication, connecting with the higher energetic realms, along with connecting music with healing.


Personal power, freedom, strength and leadership are all words that describe the energy of this power crystal. For those that suffer from fear, self-doubt, or disturbing thoughts that are from trauma (especially childhood trauma), they can find relief in this crystal which drives off these energies and brings in warmth and healing. I often describe the energy of this crystal as a relaxing day on the back porch to my clients with the convenience of fitting in your pocket. Sunstone allows for those that are having a rough time to relax and allow them to connect with the rich energy of life that is going on all around us. This physical and mental rejuvenation brings in new thoughts and way to expand our inner knowledge of what is truly the right thing to do.

Herkimer diamond

Though not actual diamond, Herkimer diamonds are a beautiful form of quartz that has unique qualities in addition to normal quartz’s versatile energy. The energy of this crystal brings in a balanced harmony of energy to user, allowing one to see how their personal energy is not only unique in all the universe but to let them appreciate how they can express their own particular energy. This allows for powerful self-actualization, paving the way for a new view not only at the self but at the universe as a whole. If you’re looking for a crystal to help you get a new perspective on the world around you, this the crystal I recommend. If all of this wasn’t reason enough to work with Herkimer diamonds, then the added energy of assisting with personal psychic ability development, attuning the mind and body to work in harmony, and helping to better accept healing surely is an excellent reason to work with this lovely quartz.


This lovely teal, green crystal is one of my favorite communication crystals since it stimulates the throat chakra, assists with making a person feel at ease when expressing themselves as well providing connection on how to verbalize our own deep wisdom. Chrysocolla is a wonderful crystal for those in any kind of speaking field or teaching position. Working with its energy while speaking allows for the user to communicate the information more accurately and for those listening to better comprehend what is being said. This allows for a better flow of information, ideas and knowledge to be passed from one party to another. The passing of information doesn’t only apply to physical knowledge but also to that of spiritual knowledge which can be used to heal the Earth as well as ourselves and those around us.

As spring takes off into a whirlwind of new things, join in on the fun! Dance, play, and create with all the energy you have in your being! Be bold with every energetic stroke as you let your personal expression shine in everything you do!

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