Healing Crystals: Raw vs Polished

Healing Crystals: Raw vs Polished

I’ve been asked this question many times, and answering this question is both very simple but at the same time very complex. This is because that polishing and shaping a crystal does not change the crystal’s inherent energy characteristics (i.e. a rose quartz, weather polished or natural in form will still bring you self-love and healing).

So why is it that we polish crystals other then for the sake of beauty if it doesn’t truly change the crystal? Well, it does change some things about them. Polishing mainly changes their appearance and how the crystal directs energy through your personal body and space. Now these things may not seem like much, but they actually can change a crystal quite a bit. For the sake of simplicity, I’m going to break down the two core differences between polished and raw stones.

Appearance: Raw vs Polished

Normally we polish and refine crystals to bring out not only color, but to enhance the clarity and luster as well as highlight inner structures that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. This refinement can aid in connecting crystals to different color spectrums. A large chunk of amethyst that has been cut and shaped may turn out to have reds (iron) and yellows (citrine) in its physical makeup as well, just below the surface. Bringing out these other colors connects the crystal with those particular energetic wavelengths, and also allows for more light to enter a crystal allowing for easier cleansing/energizing.

Energy focus of natural & polished points

Points whether formed in nature or by a craftsman all have one thing in common; lines. Polished crystals with points, like pyramids for example, normally have clearly defined lines that make it easier for energy to flow along them, undisturbed by the natural ridges and pockets that are found on their raw counterparts. This allows for energy to travel in and out of the crystal more freely than raw crystal points (which you can usually find as batches of citrine or quartz), which tend to focus their energy at the top and bottom points of the crystal.

Energy focus of natural & polished chunks

Tumbled or pocket crystals are small chunks of much larger crystals that have been polished and rounded, normally for the convenience of being able to carry them on us while we are out in the world. Small chunks of crystals project energy very closely to their physical shape, radiating a dense pocket of energy in normally a small circle around it. Larger raw chunks tend to radiate energy in a similar fashion, but affect a larger area like a space heater.

Now that we have covered more of the technical information, let’s go into what rough crystals and polished crystals are good for, individually. In my experience, I find that polished crystals have a lighter energy that moves around in clear directions, following the lines of the form that it was shaped into. This makes polished crystals great for focused energy work like rituals, cord cuttings, and anything requiring a refined and focused stream of energy. Raw crystals on the other hand, I have found are better for not only connecting us with the Earth’s energy but for grounding and connecting us more to our physical reality as well as meditation.

Overall though, a crystal – whether polished to a beautiful faceted shine or raw from the earth – will still retain all of the trans-formative energy that all crystals have, the only thing that changes is how you might use them.

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Crystals for December

Crystals for December

Crystal picks for an Empowered December

December is a time of great introspection, when the earth sleeps and stores her energy for the coming spring. The list I made up here are stones that I find very useful when I want to connect with transformative, cocoon like energy that this season embodies.


This pink crystal is full of something that everyone should have during this time of year, unconditional love. A love for self, family, and man kind as a whole. Mediating with this stone during this time, connects us to the simple wishes of joy, love and peace; connecting to this energy allows for these energies to come into our lives. 


Selenite is a super helper that every energy should have in their energy toolbox, but many people can find this powerful crystal sometimes overwhelming and sometimes even painful to work with. This is because of selenite’s naturally high vibration, much like quartz, when it interacts with an energy body it begins to pull the energy body into a higher vibratory state, which can be jarring. This crystal is also helpful in connecting with the higher self, angelic realms, and with beings that reside in higher realms of existence.


Nuummit is one of the oldest minerals on Earth and is powerful crystal of personal magic, by empowering our individual magic we feed our personal self expression in this reality; helping us see our self-worth and our value to not only those around us but to our personal life mission. The other reason I like working with this unique crystal during this time is because of how well it works with music, this time of year is filled with it and I found using it with music helped when using it for healing sessions.


Amatrine is a mix of Citrine and Amethyst and it’s an amazing crystal that brings together male and female energy, brings one into alignment with our highest good and helps balance our energy bodies. I like having this one on hand because of what a mash up of energy this time of year brings for so many of us and being that it is a time of shifting energy with in ourselves.

Whatever crystals you are working with this winter season; remember to honor what feeds your personal energy and draw inner strength and reassurance that everything you need is already at your fingertips.

Shapes and Crystals: What make crystals unique

Shapes and Crystals: What make crystals unique

The shape a crystal is carved into can play a huge part into the strength of a crystal, for example a piece of rose quartz that is carved into the shape of a heart will enhance the rose quartz’s natural energy since it helps heal the heart and bring in love. Shapes each have their own way of channeling energy, and this can greatly enhance the natural energetic qualities of a particular crystal. In this article I will go over a few common shapes and not only go over the way energy can move through them but where I personally like to use certain shapes.


An idol in this case can range from anything from an animal, angel, to even a deity. These shapes can help one not only connect with whatever the idol or energy it represents but are great to use during rituals or as personal totems.

Double terminated

Double terminated crystals can be found in nature and manufactured, most double terminated crystals are found in quartz, but many stones can end up with this characteristic, which means that it is a crystal that has a point at each end. This formation is favorite of mine in my healing practice since this formation helps tap into the chakra system and with the kundalini. This formation also helps with protection from mental and physical harm making it wonderful for people that have issues shielding their person energy from people or things around them.

Squares and rectangles

These shapes help bring an energetic current of stability to what area of your life your wanting to become more stable or reliable. Some crystals form naturally into these formations; such as Pyrite and Fluorite.


Hearts of course help in the healing of the heart chakra and sooth emotions. But are also great for areas of inspiration and creativity.

Palm Stones

Palm stones are normally oval or circular in shape, making them the perfect shape to rest in our hands, I have found that I like to use this shape for healing and dream work.

Towers and Pyramids

Towers and pyramids focus energy at their points and along their edges. I personally love having this particular shape in areas where there is a lot of mental work being done, since I have found they help relieve mental strain or aid in helping you keep focus.


Crystal spheres are an iconic symbol of hidden knowledge, third eye gifts and spirit connections. This shape is a favorite of mine for meditation spaces and for communal family spaces. Spheres are wonderful for those that want to connect to their higher self, their guides, and other positive spirits; for not only yourself but your family and those that come into your home.


Crystal wands are wonderful tools for any situation an energy worker could come across, everything for negative energy removal, personal healing to even doing ritual work. All wands have a male (normally the pointed end) and female end (the end you hold), the male end of the wand is meant to direct energy and the female end is take in energy from the wielder and from the environment around it.

This modest list is just a small sample of what is available as far as the countless shapes and forms that crystals can be fashioned into by a talented craftsman are concerned. I hope this list helps to give you a more complete view of how shapes affect our crystals and our personal magic.

What is Crystal Elixir Water?

What is Crystal Elixir Water?

If you’ve been online or even in your local crystal shop lately you may have seen crystal elixir water bottles being shown all over the place. Many of you may be wondering if these really do help your energy, health and positively adjust your overall wellbeing? They do, and with the help of some science, I’ll explain how.

Water as we all know is a source that all living things need to live, water is also a power conductor and insulator for energy/vibrations that come from the energy around us. This means the better the energy in our environment is, the better our water becomes, much like everything else in our lives.

In 1994 Dr. Masaru Emoto gave us amazing insight into the effects that vibrations have on the world around us by slowly freezing and photographing forming ice crystals; as his research went on, the doctor and his team discovered that tap water made no visible formations as it froze, merely shapeless almost angry looking blobs. The ice made from lakes and rivers near large cities was the same. But when samples were taken from other water sources where the water is kept pristine they found that the ice made beautiful unique crystal formations as it formed. This discovery lead to experimenting with not only seeing the effects that positive words had on the water but also exposing it to music and even prayers. Once again, they watched beautiful ice crystals form as it changed from a liquid to a solid. This series of experiments gives us a small glimpse on how the energy/vibrations around us effects our environments.

With this is mind we get a deeper understanding of how energy can affect our minds, souls, and physical bodies. The benefits of crystal water come from the crystals internally affecting  the energy of the water; many in community who use crystal water describe it as feeling “lighter” and have described it as tasting cleaner then it was before adding the crystals. I find the crystal water I make at home makes the water taste better, after I drink it I feel I have more energy and I feel my energy centers clear of negative energy that I’ve built up through a long day. By using crystal water, it allows the energy of the crystals to properly saturate parts of our bodies that may be suffering from the ill effects of our surroundings and diets. I can’t say that it’s cure-all for all bodily issues but asking many people in the spiritual community will give you story after story about how crystal water has helped them to lead healthier lives.

Crystal water can be made in two different ways. As a direct method, which is done by actually putting your crystals into the water (I personally have a small piece of clear quartz that sits in the bottom of a large pitcher) and one can be done by indirect method , which is putting them outside the water or putting them in a sealed nonporous holding vessel (like a small sealed glass jar or other kind of container) that can fit inside of a pitcher of water. Both of these methods allow for the energy of the crystals to permeate the water.

Now, a safety rule! I can not stress this rule enough, know your crystals! Some crystals are dangerous to consume and toxic (be it from heavy metals that are present to even being radioactive), and you can get extremely sick or die from ingesting them or things that contain them. If you are ever unsure of what kind of a crystal you have or if it’s safe to use, do not take the chance with your health by making a direct elixir, be safe and make an indirect one. Another thing to always be mindful of is if the crystals you want to use will dissolve in water, soft stones, like selenite for example, will break up into tiny shards in water and therefore are also not suitable for crystal water even if they are not toxic in nature. Always be safe and thoughtful when making elixirs.

For me, personally, I use crystal water every day; anything that uses water (from soups, teas, to even when I steam things in the oven) can be made with it. This is because when I first heard about crystal water, I conducted my own experiments and noted the effects and differences that I saw not only in myself but in the way my food tasted and noticed that it wasn’t just me that picked up that something  was different. Family and friends that had no idea I had used the crystal water when making the meals asked what I had done different. I advise you to do your own research and try it out for yourselves!

Where to find crystals: Bancroft, Ontario.

Where to find crystals: Bancroft, Ontario.

Bancroft, Ontario

Bancroft is a small town in Ontario, Canada. It’s one of the most beautiful places I have traveled to. It was settled into during the 1850s by Irish immigrants and United Empire Loyalist, and became a mining industry dominated town in the 1950s to 1982. With only a small population of 3,8800 (2011), Bancroft benefits greatly from its connection to the mineral and rock niche.

Each summer Bancroft holds their annual Rockhound Gemboree, which is the second biggest of its kind in North America. An annual celebration of crystals and rocks that brings together tourism and commerce. The Rockhound Gemboree is a great place for finding almost any type of crystal you can think of. There are many store fronts and activities, and behind the scenes you can find wholesale deals and establish business connections.

It’s a must go to place for crystal collectors, sellers, and hobbyists in Ontario. At the Gemboree, not only do you have the chance to buy many different crystals, but you can also dig for them and learn the ins and outs of the whole process. This variety at the show makes the Gemboree a worth-while reason for traveling to Bancroft.

A trip to Bancroft and a visit to one of these locations is a must for crystal enthusiasts.  It’s also a great place for the family to visit to have some fun and to take in all of the amazing sights and scenery.

Crystals, Rocks, Minerals: Sodalite, white quartz, rose quartz

Events/Places: Rockhound Gemboree, Bancroft Mineral Museum, Princess Sodalite Mine Rock Shop

Mines: The Miner’s Loop, The Richardson Mine, The Marmonaton Mine, Deloro Mine

Rock and Mineral Collection Sites: CN Rock Dump, Bear Lake Diggings, Golding-Keene Quarry, Beryl Pit

Crystals for Beginners

Crystals for Beginners

Crystals have fascinated me since I was a little girl; they kick started my journey into the spiritual, which lead understanding energy and learning how to heal not just myself but others. The biggest question I always get asked as a teacher is which crystals for beginners are the best choice. The crystals I picked came from several decisions; the ones I picked can be obtained even on the smallest income, they are ones that any crystal shop will have, and they all help set up your personal path going forward into the spiritual. Therefor, I put together this post to educate you on the best crystals for beginners.


Amethyst is a stone that is recommended for nearly every metaphysical malady (nightmares, visions, ghosts, etc.) this amazing stone has earned that reputation for a reason and does help with nearly everything under the sun. A chunk of this beautiful purple crystal should be in every Lightworker’s toolkit; it stimulates the mind and soul to work together, fostering natural healing gifts of its owner along with allowing for protection and purification as it helps release unhealthy patterns and anything keeping us back from our highest good.


This is another crystal that comes in a few different colors that each help with different things; over all though Calcite has a refreshing, cleansing energy that comes off the crystal in gentle waves. Opening blocks and allowing us to see situations with fresh eyes and new perspective on any situation that is present or in the past.


This fiery orange crystal is a great friend for those who need to shake up the energy in their lives. Carnelian stimulates the energy of the lower three chakras. Along with bringing about creativity, courage, and a call to action. Carnelian is a crystal of the doer; it’s always one to use when starting new projects and is one I always take one with me when doing any physical task (working out, yoga, yard work, etc.) since it also helps bring physical vitality to the body when it’s depleted of energy.


raw citrine

This yellow ray of sunshine is one of my favorite crystals! This crystal opens up the channels of abundance to come into the owner’s life. Therefor citrine is an excellent stone for sales people and for applying for things like jobs, loans, and schools. Another great stone for students and teachers, who are needing to absorb new information. Interestingly, this is one of the crystals you don’t have to cleanse. It will actually help clear other crystals when around them. This is an easy one to add to a list for crystals for beginners, because of its all encompassing properties.


Cleansing Fluorite comes in many colors, but overall it is a stone that helps remove toxins from the auric field and the physical body. Each of the different colors has its own energy, but Fluorite for the most part have a cool, almost cold and tingly energy that helps clear the mind of mental fog, aiding in decision making and problem solving. Those who suffer from anxiety or loud internal thoughts will benefit from the crystal since it helps bring order to our thoughts and calm to our energy.


Hematite is one of my favorite crystals, this metallic gray crystal has a dense, warm energy that helps with grounding the owner in the present; counteracting spaciness, confusion, and mental fatigue. I use it to help with my own ADD. It also helps clear the auric system of negative energy, while also aligning chakras and balancing the yin and yang of the body. Hematite also has protective and manifestation qualities. it’s multifaceted energy is one of the reasons I always suggest it.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a must have for any crystal collector and energy worker. This crystal comes in billions of shapes and forms. Each of them have certain properties that will let the crystal help with on your path. Over all, quartz is the most easily programmable, meaning you can dictate a job to it; love, getting money, or whatever help you need on your spiritual path. It also has cleansing and healing properties.

Rose Quartz

This pink quartz variety is another favorite of mine; and is always found in my living room and bedside table. Rose quartz is a crystal of pure love and joy. This crystal embodies all kinds of love; self-love, romantic, friendship, family, etc., and its energy is soothing to the aura and helps with all kinds of emotional and physical healing; it’s especially good for the heart. It’s anti-stress properties are great for those that suffer from anxiety.


Selenite is a fragile clear to white stone that is must have for any energy worker. They are powerful cleansers, purging negative energy from the auric field and the ambient energy around them. For those wanting to further their spiritual gifts or to get in touch with their personal spirit group (their guides, angels, and Higher Self), this is the perfect starter crystal to do just that. Selenite helps bridge the gap between us and the higher realms and energies. This along with the fact that it amplifies the energies of other crystals around them makes it wonderful to have in the energy tool box.

As a final thought, I cannot stress enough how important these stones are for beginners. Even by just choosing a few of these to start with will set you on the right path, and luckily these are some of the most readily available and cost-efficient crystals out there! Keep in mind though, which crystals for beginners are best comes down to trial and error

If you’re looking to get your hands on some of these crystals. Check out our shop! We carry most of these crystals and make them into natural raw hemp necklaces.

How to cleanse healing crystals

How to cleanse healing crystals

Anyone that has crystals, uses them, or does any metaphysical work in general most likely has heard of cleansing, which is the process of removing any negative energy or attachments from the personal aura, environment, or an object. Negative energy can be accumulated in many ways: everything from negative emotions, oppressive environments, to even just having cluttered or unused spaces around your home. Most crystals, though there are a handful that don’t, slowly gather negative and stale energy from the ambient energy around them. Which makes it so important when talking about how to cleanse your crystals.

A big question that often gets brought up in many online crystal forums is when crystals should be cleansed. This can be a hard question to answer for those that struggle with sensing energy. Therefor the answer I often give to those that have this trouble is to make a set schedule. Attempt to at least cleanse them once a month either at the beginning or at the end depending on personal preference. Though cleansing can be done as seldom or as often as one wants or feels is necessary for them. For those just learning, this is a great way to start a healthy energetic schedule that can help dispel negative energy from our lives.

That being said, there are many ways that cleansing can be done on crystalline friends and in this article. This guide will cover a detailed list of all the ways it can be done.

The Smoke & Air Method:

The use of air to help cleanse physical forms has been a tradition form many different cultures and traditions throughout time. This can be done using a smudge stick smoke (a small bundle of different herbs that is normally tied with thin string). Others method that work are incense stick smoke, and pieces of resin such as Frankincense or amber. Even just setting crystals outside on a nice day can help remove undesirable energy from them.

The Water Method:

Water is one of my personal favorite ways to cleanse and it can be done in several ways. A word of warning though: not all crystals can be around water without hurting them or even destroying them. Therefor it’s important to make sure you check the physical properties of your stones before using any of these methods on your collection. When cleansing you can make up a light solution of salt water to submerge them in, hold them under running water, or you can even use charged water (Such as moon water, storm water, or even crystal water that has been charged with the intent of cleansing.) I’ve even used the humidity of a nice hot shower or a humidifier to cleanse my crystals before.

The Earth Method:

Using the earth is a wonderful way to cleanse crystals, it also has the added value of re-balancing them. This method (also called grounding) is also great if you are wanting to reset any intentions or spell work you have used them for. Placing them back into the soil is sort of like setting a reset button on them. Grounding crystals is also good if you know your crystals have been exposed to very toxic energy. Generally speaking, my personal rule of thumb is to try to ground a handful of stones in my collection every few months.

Any of these methods can help to remove negative energy from our crystals. Keeping them cleared of negative energy and happy helps keep us and our surroundings be happy too. If you are curious about the best ways to clean your own crystals, I recommend trying out one of them and see what works best for you.

Crystals for Mental Health

Crystals for Mental Health

I have seen a variety of questions pop up in spiritual and crystal forums relating to how crystals can help with mental health; these include:

  • What healing crystals can I use to help with my OCD?

  • What healing crystals will help my friend that has extreme Bi-Polar disorder?

  • What healing crystals will can help with feeling depressed?

I have also been asked these in person and have a few answers. Now I can’t say that crystals alone will cure or completely manage any of these or so many more, but I can say that with the help of medical professionals, therapy, and other helpful healthy living practices they can help those that suffer with mental health issues to manage their symptoms and help them through the struggles that they face every day. This is an essential crystal support list based on all the crystals that I have found through my healing practice that have helped my clients manage their health and lives.

Helps with all areas of mental health:



This wonderful crystal comes in nearly every color under the sun and helps with nearly everything one can think of from emotional trauma to physical health issues. The ones I like best for mental health in particular are pink tourmaline (which is often found with deposits of Lithium in with them) and black tourmaline; these two are always a quick recommendation for those in the spiritual community. Though any kind of tourmaline, with its subtle energy is a great pick for anyone looking for a crystal to bring a little extra TLC into their life.

Rose Quartz

rose quartz


Anyone that knows about crystals, knows this bubbly pink crystal, that is renowned for its loving, gentle healing energy. It is all those things and is one I keep in my living room at all times. This crystal is one I recommend to everyone to have in their energetic tool box, because it is so versatile in all of the things it can help with. Rose Quartz gives us a direct energetic link to universal love and every form that love can take; romantic love, family love, friendship, and most of all personal love. This crystal helps us see ourselves with compassion and understanding, letting us see ourselves from an outside perspective gives us a start into the healing and balancing process.



Crystals with Lithium Silica in them like Lepidolite and Lithium Quartz, are good for any kind mental health issue. Lithium based compounds have been used to treat several different kinds of mental health disorders since 1949, this comes from the fact that Lithium has mood stabilizing properties. I personally love crystals that have lithium in them, I have found all crystals that have it as part of their makeup all help remove stress and other disharmonious energies from the physical body and from the auric field. Their unique energy means that it is a great crystal for those that need a steady stream of gentle supportive, calm, balancing energy.

Healing Crystals for anxiety:


This blue- green crystal is a favorite of mine, it’s cool and uplifting energy allows for communication to flow freely through ourselves and others. This energy lets us tap into our true emotions, thoughts and feelings about ourselves and with others; allowing for inner and outer peace to be expressed on the physical and energetic planes. Amazonite also encourages us to speak our personal truth about the way we feel and helps us talk about our life experiences in way that lets us ease any troubled thoughts that cross our mind.

Healing crystals for Depression:


raw citrine

Citrine comes in small variety of pale browns and tans and is always a crystal I recommend for people starting on their crystal journey. I personally love this crystal and its beautiful sunny energy is always helpful to have around the house or your person; Citrine is one of those crystals that helps with nearly everything that pops up in life. But I have found that it greatly helps those with depression, this come from how its energy effects that it has on the lower chakra, particularly the solar plex, but Citrine also effects the higher chakras. Clearing mental fog and taking with it unkind personal or other negative thoughts. This yellow crystal can be a little ray of bright, optimistic sunshine that you can keep in your pocket whenever you are needing a pick me up.

Healing Crystals for Bi-polar disorder:



Scapolite is an amazing crystal and it so often stuns me that so many people in the spiritual community have not only not worked with it but have never even heard of it, and its crying shame. When learned about Scapolite I fell in love with little white airy energy crystal, that not helps with more restful sleep, a release of pent up emotions, stress, and worries but also helped sooth physical pain, this lightly energized crystal is one I always recommend to those that struggle with the energetic heaviness that can come with just existing in a reality we are unsatisfied in. Meditating with Scapolite lifts this energy away, taking unwanted emotions and thoughts with it, along with pulling balanced calm energy in the personal energy field.

Healing Crystals for PTSD:

Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony is an excellent crystal for those either in therapy or for those that are a therapist themselves, this pale blue crystal allows for deep connection to the subconscious allowing us to go through fears, past events, and traumas from a place of complete safety and love. This lets us be able to talk about them in an open forum so that we can, go through our personal trauma in a therapeutic way which brings us to a point of catharsis. Letting us release these old wounds and pain so that we can live truly in the present without the energetic ties of the past holding us back.

By no means necessary is this complete list of all the crystals that can be used to help with mental health; I also tell my clients to do their own research and find what works best for them. There are countless crystal options that are open to you and adding crystals to a part of self-care, healing, and support system is a wonderful way to help reshape your reality and life.

Where you can find these crystals:


You can find tourmaline products available in our shop here

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You can find amazonite crystal products in our shop here

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